Methanol injection

Methanol injection
Methanol injection Methanol injection
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Pump packages

for methanol and ethanol injection

To avoid hydrate formation in pipelines, X-mas trees, umbilicals and export headers liquids like methanol, ethanol, LDHI or MEG are injected. For this application usually high pressure, high flowrate systems are used. In view of the flammable and hazardous nature of these liquids diaphragm type pumps and pressurized tanks are commonly used. For very large volumes plunger pumps with special seals are used; these are mounted on large base frames.


Methanol injection pump packages & ethanol injection pump packages:

  • design is determined by the properties of the pumped liquid, operating, pressures and tank volume
  • fully integrated unit
  • simple accessibility and maintainability
  • pressures up to 895 bar

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